The Campaign is the period (November 3rd 12:00AM - November 14th 12:00AM) where Model Parliamentarians will select the party of their choice. In order to choose which party you wish to affiliate with please fill out the Form below. Remember, the party with the most Model Parliamentarians will form Government. Parties are encouraged to promote this form to participants to attempt to gain as many members as possible.

Model Parliamentarians will find out the results of the party affiliations on Election Night where we will see which Party has won Government, Official Opposition, and other placements.

Thinking of Making a Party?

Party applications are now open for Party Recognition Status for Model Parliament 2020! Apply now to have the chance to run in this year’s election.

Have Questions? Reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help!

+ Party People of Canada

alt text

Party Leader: Brian Triska

Party Theme: The PPC is dedicated to returning to traditional party values. The issue closest to the hearts of everyday, hard working Canadians is their inability to party freely. The PPC will work tirelessly to bring the party back to Canadians through legislation that allows home brewed alcohol to flow freer and allow Canadians to party longer, louder, safer and cheaper. A cold, crisp foreign policy will lift Canadian spirits across the nation, returning to what matters most. Party with the people, party to the max.

+ Toga Party

alt text

Party Leader: Christina Rideout

Party Theme: Toga, a party to combat the literal barbarians at the gates of Canada. A party that will fix aging infrastructure with the all roads lead to Ottawa act. A party that will buy 10000 chariots to VIA Rail. We will bring in Caesar salad supply management to make sure Canada's agricultural community is secure. We are the party to expand Canada's greatness and that is what Toga will do! At the end of the day join us or be conquered.

+ DODO Front

alt text

Party Leader: Alec Connor

Party Theme: In 2018, for the good of the nation, the CAVE Party of Canada and the National Bird Front realized that to truly bring Canada backwards, they needed to unite. The new DODO Front was created, allowing Canadians to vote for the good old regressive policies they cherish, while bringing in new and fresh avian ideas, such as the banning of windows and stork delivery services. With your help, we'll make Canada go the way of the Dodo.